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  • Ad Code: 2478200001-19
  • Published: 23.12.2016
  • Market Sector: Lighting
  • Category: Sales Agents
  • Region: Spain
  • Company Name: Lombardo S.r.l.
  • Web Site:
  • Phone: +39
  • Fax: +39
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Lombardo S.r.l. - Sales Agents - Lighting

Lombardo is an Italian company specialized in the production of lighting products for residential and architectural use. It has been active in the Italian market since the 1960s and through a range of very rich products and a constant evolution in recent years has been able to consolidate its position in the market.

The characteristics of the company are:
- "Made in Italy", the production made in the interior by means of machinery of last generation, with its own team of designers, its own laboratory certified by IMQ,
- the constant evolution
- the search of alternative materials
- the multiple possibilities of personalization

For the development of its international activities,
Lombardo is Looking for Sales Agents in the Spanish market, where it has been carrying out projects for more than 25 years.

The ideal candidate must have:
- Knowledge in the field of electrical equipment.
- Excellent organizational skills for sale.
- Consolidated client portfolio in the area of ??installers, electrical wholesalers, architects, Lighting consultant, etc.
- Motivation and determination to represent the brand.
- Availability of car.

Tasks to perform in complete autonomy:
- Provide and develop the clients portfolio in their exclusive area.
- Management of clients, organizing possible training courses and meetings.
- Constantly maintain the relationship with clients through the mails, phone calls and refresher courses carried out by the parent company.
- Prepare reports on their activities.
- Ensure the achievement of the objectives set by management.

The company offers:
- Very interesting commissions in line with the skills and experiences actually acquired.
- High quality products.
- Commercial representation contract.

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