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Sato d.o.o.

  • Company Name: Sato d.o.o.
  • Market Sector: Self-Adhesive Labels
  • Figure Type: Commercial Agents
  • Published: 22.05.2017
  • Region: Italy

SATO D.O.O. is a croatian company, regional leader, dealing with self-adhesive labels. Game changer who, through innovations of processes, state-of-the-art technology, excellent know- how, flexible but at the same time reliable...

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Adore Floors Ltd.

  • Company Name: Adore Floors Ltd.
  • Market Sector: Vinyl Flooring
  • Figure Type: Commercial Agents
  • Published: 18.04.2017
  • Region: Spain,Italy

Adore Floors is a worldwide company manufacturing vinyl flooring and distributing the products through major commercial/residential distributors in countries across the world. Adore has three new ranges of products which we believe will ...

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  • Company Name: Dekoratex
  • Market Sector: Textile - Fabric Products - Home Textile
  • Figure Type: Commercial Agents
  • Published: 15.03.2016
  • Region: Italy

Dekoratex is a wholesale company active on home textile market since 1994. It´s specialized in sale of decoration fabrics and home accessories. We are looking for Sales Agents in Italian territory We require: - Experience with this kind...

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Olfacto LTD

  • Company Name: Olfacto LTD
  • Market Sector: Perfumery
  • Figure Type: Commercial Agents
  • Published: 13.05.2015
  • Region: Spain,Italy

Olfacto LTD is a Croatian leading company with factory in Grasse, Provence and dealing in new innovative system of selling draft perfumes: L`AROME for men and women, with more than 150 types of perfumes, is the alternative to expensive ...

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Baltazar d.o.o.

  • Company Name: Baltazar d.o.o.
  • Market Sector: Packaging
  • Figure Type: Agents & Distributors
  • Published: 22.04.2015
  • Region: Italy

Baltazar d.o.o. is a specialized Company in folding cardboard packaging and other printed paper products. Ever since 1993, it has been successfully serving the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries. Today, all their production ...

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Mundus Viridis D.o.o.

  • Company Name: Mundus Viridis D.o.o.
  • Market Sector: Wood Pellets
  • Figure Type: Commercial Agents
  • Published: 23.02.2015
  • Region: Italy

Mundus Viridis is a Croatian Company producing Wooden Products: laminated wooden panels, sawn timber, elements and pellets. All the products are certified. The Company exports their products to EU countries, mainly to Germany, Italy and...

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Eko Plastkom

  • Company Name: Eko Plastkom
  • Market Sector: Chemical Industrial - Industrial Supplies
  • Figure Type: Commercial Agents
  • Published: 27.01.2015
  • Region: Germany,France,Spain,Italy,Austria

Slovenian Recycling Company is looking for Commercial Agents in several European Countries: - Austria - France - Germany - Italy - Spain Agents will take care of distributing: - Recycled plastic PVC - Recycled paraffin wax. For more...

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