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  • Ad Code: 2538600001-39
  • Published: 18.04.2017
  • Market Sector: Vinyl Flooring
  • Category: Commercial Agents
  • Region: Spain,Italy
  • Company Name: Adore Floors Ltd.
  • Web Site:
  • Phone: 0044.1785.711031
  • Fax: 0044.560.3413597
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Adore Floors Ltd. - Commercial Agents - Vinyl Flooring

Adore Floors is a worldwide company manufacturing vinyl flooring and distributing the products through major commercial/residential distributors in countries across the world.

Adore has three new ranges of products which we believe will give us a big advantage over all of our competitors in both dry back and click flooring.  We have two new ranges of click flooring which are considerably better than regular LVT and sold at a similar price.

The Agent we are looking for must have connections in the flooring market and particularly have connections with major distributors in Spain or Italy.

For the Italian market, this is new to us and therefore we are looking for an established agent to help us find the right distributor.

In Spain, we already have a major distributor and we are looking for an Agent to develop the business with this distributor and also to look for other opportunities.  

It is important in both cases that the Agent can speak English.

We are offering a good rate of commission and we believe substantial earnings opportunity to the right agent.

Please, reply to this advertisement sending your resume attached.