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Try Me fine frozen finger food for frying LTD - Commercial Agents - Food

Try Me Fine Frozen Finger Food for frying LTD cames from a small family-run artisan workshop in the Roman countryside. The Company has over 30 years of history of gastronomic culture and stands as an example of successful Italian traditional entrepreneurship.

In order to increase the sales in the English market

It is looking for Multi-firms Commercial Agents

The ideal candidates must have:
Knowledge of the food sector.
- Hotel Restaurant and Café sector.
- Retail;
- Pizzerie, Delicatessen Shops.

It offers a wide range of products to be deep-fried, made from age-old recipes of the regional Italian culinary tradition (Rice Supplì, Sicilian Arancinas, Potato Croquettes etc.).

In order to apply, please click on "replay directly to this advertisement" authorizing the processing of personal data.

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