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  • Ad Code: 2177100007-41
  • Published: 23.01.2015
  • Market Sector: Fashion Accessories - Textile - Home Textile
  • Category: Commercial Agents
  • Region: France,Spain
  • Company Name: Siretessile S.r.l.
  • Web Site:
  • Phone: +39 0423.83.02.94
  • Fax: +39 0423.83.02.52
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Siretessile S.r.l. - Commercial Agents - Fashion Accessories - Textile - Home Textile

Siretessile is a 35 years-old experienced Company dealing in the Textile sector with over 200 employees in Italy

It is looking for Commercial Agents in France and Spain.

We require:

The knowledge of the Large Retail Chains in the Home Textile and Fashion Accessories.

We will also evaluate profiles not directly related to these branches but well adjusted in the Retail World.

Some information about Siretessile Products:
- Home Textile The Company gained a prestigious position in the vast field of household linen over the years. The wide range of products lines AmoLaCasa: sheets, duvets, sponges, bathrobes, rugs and much more made the Company's success in the Italian and European market.
Executive offices, Design and Product Development are located in Italy, while Manufacturing Facilities and Quality Control Offices are in China, India, Pakistan, Russia and Romania.
Fashion Accessories The brand Sorbetto offers a wide range of fashion accessories such as pashminas, hats, gloves, sarongs, kaftans and more, following the latest trends. Collections are made for Man, Woman and Child.